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2019 Work Weekends
Jun 22-23     Jul 27-28       Aug 10-11     Sep 7-8      Oct 12-13
Please contact Dave Stein regarding pre-assigned jobs
Remove, launder mattress/pillow covers, replace on beds; Rms 1&2 (Maguire/Stramowski); Rms 3-10 (Duffy)
Bedroom curtains washed / replaced All rooms - Smith
Launder blankets - COLD WATER ONLY! Rms 8-10 (Duffy); Rms 1-7 (Calloway-Lee)
Clean fire exits & doors  
Scrub/Stain exterior  
Check/fix exterior spotlights; Other electrical work  
Test / replace emergency lights (yearly) Stein
Tree cut, split, stacked in shed; Back Door trail cleared Cichocki/Wsolek
Tree removed behind lodge Durkin
Move refrigerator to check tiles; Replace broken tiles   
Powerwash / Stain back of lodge / Paint outer trim white around upstairs fire doors  
Spring - Set up dehumidifer (secure drain hose with duct tape) Stein
Replace batteries in front door lock  
Repair ceiling near fire door / spackle & touch up with paint  
Paint/Stain the lodge  
Split logs / store in shed Cichocki/Wsolek; Redbord
Re-stack seasoned wood in shed/collect kindling, store in shed Stein / Shoshan / Duffy, Fredette - kindling)
Install ski racks in woodshed / adjusted wood racks Stein
Level trash shed Stein
Set new post right of shed to replace one broken by snowplow Stein
Remove/replace stove hoods (seal/insulate opening) Stein/Ferraro
Install backsplash (stove & sink walls)  ?  TBD Measured - Fredette
Replace all bathroom ceiling lights with new LED panels Ferraro
Reclose heating pipe in firepit Duffy
Add insulating foam/caulk leftmost firepit window Stein
Check for air leaks with Tad's infrared camera  
Rehang LR curtains (TBD)  
Buy a few blue tarps (on hand for roof damage) To do (Duffy)
Buy broom for woodshed, smoke/CO2 detector for basement To do (Duffy)
Repair lamps To do (Duffy)
Septic Tank cleaning scheduled? Septic cleaning - Done
Chimney Sweep Guy scheduled?  
Fire Extinguisher Guy scheduled?  
Lower cabinets & drawers cleaned, shelving under sink replaced Wilschek
Clean/replace cabinet shelving - lower / uppercabinets  
Clean silverware / utensil drawers Done
Clean cabinet doors (upper, lower)  
Clean stoves / pull out to clean floor and wall  
Clean stove exhaust fan & hood Not needed this year - new hoods
Clean refrigerators / Pull out to clean floor, wall, fan, coils; Discard expired food Grattan
Kitchen floor tile cleaned, black adhesive removed Duffy
Dining & Kitchen floor washed Wilschek
Clean and organize kitchen closet Done
Launder kitchen towels, potholders,extra linen on shelf Towels (Maguire, Stramowski)
Vacuum ceiling  
Polished sink drain/clean dishrack Duffy
Sharpen knives  
Clean wall above stoves Duffy
Clean canisters, sugar, salt, pepper containers Done
Check / clean / replace chrome burners on stoves  
Clean microwave Duffy
Clean spice & coffee cabinets, coffeemakers, pots, teapot Done
Dust supply cubbies in dining area Done
Windows / Storms washed Smith/Stramowski (downstairs); Fredette (Glass doors)
Screens cleaned/installed PL Smith
Dusted panelling (downstairs)  
Clean ceiling light shades / wastebaskets  
Clean mirrors & pictures  
Vacuum living room furniture, floors, rugs  
Vacuum carpet edges around bunks / radiators  
Remove radiator covers / vacuum heater fins  
General dusting - upstairs & downstairs / baseboards, picture frames, window ledges, remove cobwebs from ceiling  
Organize games Duffy
Clean Mud Room, floor, ski racks, organize tools Duffy
Clean Vestibule Duffy / Fredette
Clean fireplace area & hood, close chimney flue                           (set to horizontal position) Fredette
Clean living room chandeliers / lamps   
Replace batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors              (as required yearly by insurance company) P Ferraro
Launder extra sheets and towels Done
Inventory personal effects left in mud room Duffy
Check/Empty vacuums Duffy / Fredette
Wash fire extinguishers; check pressure  
Remove recyclables to outside bin and clean containers Maguire
New ant traps distributed  
Clean exhaust fans/vacuum radiators  
Liquid Gold Women's, Men's Bathrooms  
Clean tub, toilet, sink, floor, walls - Downstairs Fredette / Wilschek (floor washed)
Clean showers, toilets, sinks - Women's Fredette / Maguire
Clean showers, toilets, sinks - Men's Fredette / Maguire
Launder bath mats / Shower Curtains Bath Mats (Maguire,Stramowski)
Clear Back Door Trail; Take down tree, cut, split, stack in shed Cichocki/Wsolek
Cut tree behind lodge Durkin
Weed whack front / side yards / rake up / dump across road Durkin / Fredette
Rake up leaves in brook - dump across road Calloway/Lee
Clean ditches behind lodge Duffy
Clean outdoor firepit Fredette
Wash trash containers  
Ant powder/Rodent Sheriff spread around foundation  
Tree trimming, collect kindling and stash in shed Tree cutting (Durkin)
Inspect Roof  
Attic tidied up  
Measure attic stair area Fredette
Verified that basement is clean - not collecting junk  
Fix First Aid Kits To do (Duffy)
Paper goods stored in attic  
Vacuum all rugs  
Wash all floors  
Wash windows and remove screens and store them in the attic Wilson
Liquid Gold - panelling in mud room, vestibule, kitchen, back hall, living room, upstairs hall, fireplace area  
Dust panelling - living / dining areas, hallways & bedrooms  
Clean drainage ditches around the house (remove leaves) Calloway-Lee
General clean-up of kitchen, bath and living areas  
Turn off outside water faucet supply in basement/drain hoses Wilson
Empty & move dehumidifier to closet (box in mudroom) Maguire
Clean out shelves in back dining area  
Full inventory of staples & supplies - use full list from Trip Leader pouch  
Status as of 12/22/19
* Important:  If refrigerator is disconnected, doors must be left open to avoid mold !
Use All, Tide or other 'he' Cold Water Detergent !  - should be under kitchen sink
Set washers to 'Cold Water Wash' ! Do not use top-load washers !
Large front-load washers - 5 blankets each machine  
Set dryers to 'Medium' - use 5 quarters each dryer  
Dryers - 4 blankets each machine  
Do not overload the washers and dryers; blankets will not be cleaned properly.
Please keep track of what you spend and tell Sandy which room you did.  It would be helpful if each family did a room.