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WPSC Trip Leader’s Guide 2019-2020
Thank you for leading a weekend!  The weekend trips form the heart of the club’s activity and your efforts are essential to the success of the weekend.  Please consider leading another weekend soon  :-)
Typical Ski Weekend Tasks
1.  How many people?  Thursday evening or Friday check the website's Central Reservations page to get the current count of people booked for the weekend and to find out if there is going to be a cook (a dinner count of 12 or more is required to have the cook).  Central Reservations (Sandy Maguire) will make that determination, note it on the website, and communicate with the cook to let him know the dinner headcount.   If the cook is scheduled, you will need to pay him cash ($10 per head).
2.  Purchase Supplies.  Using the staples inventory information from the previous weekend’s trip leader, along with the Breakfast Supplies Guidelines* in the Trip Leader packet, purchase the food and supplies to bring up to the Lodge.  Keep all receipts for submission with your Trip Leader’s Report*, along with the current staples inventory.
3.  Room Assignments.  Print out the Room Assignment page from the website before going up to the Lodge.  If possible, wait until Friday as it can change significantly due to late bookings.  Typically Central Reservations will fax this to the Lodge, but it is advisable to have a copy with you in case.  Upon arrival at the Lodge, post the assignments if the faxed copy has not already been posted (or look for it on the fax machine).
4.  Duty Assignments.  Prepare assignments and post the Lodge Details – Assignment Sheet*.  At the very minimum, the Saturday breakfast clean-up details must be posted for the morning.  Note that you have the authority to create and assign additional or different tasks if circumstances warrant.
5.  Last Minute Groceries.  If necessary, you can call the cook Saturday morning and ask him to pick up any additional items needed for Sunday breakfast when he goes shopping.  Our cook this year is Jake Ritchie, Cell: 802-917-3059, Email:
6.  Settle with the cook.  On weekends when we have the cook, you will need to get the food purchase receipts from him, and pay him in cash ($10 per head) after the dinner is prepared.  (There is an ATM in the Basebox.)
7.  Collect food money.  Typically after dinner, you will collect the food money owed by each member/guest, in cash.  Use the Trip Income Accounting Sheet* to determine the amount owed and to track total food income.  The sheet indicates the rates for breakfast and dinner, as well as the applicable age brackets for kids’ rates.
8.  Staples Inventory.  Before departing you must inventory the remaining breakfast supplies as listed on the Staples Inventory* and note any other supplies needed.  It is very important that you determine what items are in short supply so the information can be provided for the next week’s trip leader.  Please email this information after the weekend to Central Reservations ( and the Trip Leader Chairperson - Kathy Grattan (
9.  Closing up the lodge.  Follow the Departure Checklist* to secure the house.  You must assign someone (not a provisional or guest) who will secure the house if you will be leaving early.
10.  Financial accounting.  Your final task is to complete the Trip Leader’s Report* which accounts for your weekend expenses and income.  Complete the report, attach receipts and checks only (write a check to "WPSC" for any cash), and mail it within a week, along with the Trip Income Accounting Sheet, to the Treasurer:          Jean Duffy, 46 Quincy Street, Unit 1, Somerville, MA 02143.  Email:
(*) These forms/documents are available at the Lodge in a blue folder in the small table across from the bulletin board, as well as on the WPSC Website under Trip Leader Packet.
Questions: Kathleen Grattan      Email:     Cell:  617-461-7609