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2018 Work Weekends
Jun 23-24     Jul 28-29       Aug 11-12     Sep 8-9     Oct 13-14
Please contact Dave Stein regarding pre-assigned jobs
Remove, launder mattress/pillow covers, replace on beds; Nick Dondero
Removed leaky hose from dishwasher, getting replacement Nick Dondero
Launder blankets - COLD WATER ONLY! Art Wilschek
Clean fire exits & doors  
Scrub/Stain exterior  
Front Entry (Exterior scrubbing & staining)  
Check/fix exterior spotlights; Other electrical work D Stein
Trees trimmed; Back Door trail cleared M Duffy, D Wilson
Move refrigerator to check tiles; Replace broken tiles   
Powerwash / Stain back of lodge / Paint outer trim white around upstairs fire doors  
Spring - Set up dehumidifer (secure drain hose with duct tape) S Maguire
Replace batteries in front door lock D Stein
Repair ceiling near fire door / spackle & touch up with paint D Stein
Paint/Stain the lodge Redbord-window trim
Re-stack seasoned wood in shed D Stein
Replace wind-damaged trash shed hinges D Stein
Set posts to prevent future wind damage to hinges on shed D Stein
Stain trim around new gutter over front door D Stein
Septic Tank cleaning scheduled?  
Chimney Sweep Guy scheduled?  
Fire Extinguisher Guy scheduled?  
Lower cabinets & drawers cleaned, shelving under sink replaced  
Clean/replace cabinet shelving - lower / uppercabinets  
Clean silverware / utensil drawers Wilson
Clean cabinet doors (upper, lower) Upper - Bernstein
Clean stoves / pull out to clean floor and wall Ferraro, J Dondero (again)
Clean refrigerators / Pull out to clean floor, wall, fan, coils; Discard expired food Ferraro/Duffy, J Dondero
Kitchen floor tile cleaned, black adhesive removed J Dondero
Dining & Kitchen floor washed J Dondero
Clean and organize kitchen closet Ferraro
Launder kitchen towels, potholders,extra linen on shelf Ferraro, J Dondero (extra linen)
Vacuum ceiling  
Clean stove exhaust fan Ferraro
Clean stove hood Ferraro
Polished sink drain/clean dishrack Wilson, Bernstein
Sharpen knives Wilson
Clean utensils hanging above stoves, wall Wilson
Clean canisters, sugar, salt, pepper containers M Stramowski, S Maguire
Check / clean / replace chrome burners on stoves J Dondero
Clean microwave  
Clean spice & coffee cabinets, coffeemakers, pots, teapot J Dondero (coffeemakers,pots,teapot)
Check / replace Fluorescent Light Bulbs (over stove) Bernstein
Dust supply cubbies in dining area Ferraro
Windows / Storms washed P&S Smith, F Stramowski, T Maguire
Screens cleaned/installed PL Smith
Curtains washed; drapes shaken/aired out; drapes washed  
Dusted panelling (downstairs)  
Clean ceiling light shades / wastebaskets M Stramowski, S Maguire
Clean mirrors & pictures S Smith
Vacuum living room furniture, floors, rugs Duffy, J Dondero (downstairs rugs)
Vacuum carpet edges around bunks / radiators Calloway-Lee
Remove radiator covers / vacuum heater fins Calloway-Lee
General dusting - upstairs & downstairs / baseboards, picture frames, window ledges, remove cobwebs from ceiling Duffy, Kelly
Organize games Ferraro
Clean Mud Room, floor, ski racks, organize tools Ferraro
Clean Vestibule Ferraro
Clean fireplace area & hood, close chimney flue                           (set to horizontal position) Kelly, Duffy
Clean living room chandeliers / lamps  Bernstein, Kelly
Replace batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors              (as required yearly by insurance company) Calloway-Lee
Install optical smoke detector (in ski room on workbench) above fireplace area Calloway-Lee
Launder extra sheets and towels J Dondero
Inventory personal effects left in mud room Ferraro, Duffy
Check/Empty vacuums Calloway-Lee
Wash fire extinguishers; check pressure  
Remove recyclables to outside bin and clean containers  
New ant traps distributed  
Clean exhaust fans/vacuum radiators B Smith-fans; Calloway-Lee-radiators
Liquid Gold Women's, Men's Bathrooms  
Clean tub, toilet, sink, floor, walls - Downstairs J Dondero
Clean showers, toilets, sinks - Women's  
Clean showers, toilets, sinks - Men's  
Launder bath mats / Shower Curtains  
Clear Back Door Trail Wilson, Duffy
Weed whack front / side yards / rake up / dump across road Wilson, Duffy, Bernstein, Durkin
Rake up leaves in brook - dump across road Durkin
Clean ditches behind lodge Duffy, Wilson
Wash trash containers Duffy
Ant powder/Rodent Sheriff spread around foundation  
Tree trimming, collect kindling and stash in shed Duffy, Wilson
Inspect Roof J Bernstein
Attic tidied up Kelly
Verified that basement is clean - not collecting junk Duffy
Test emergency lights in basement Duffy
Paper goods stored in attic Calloway-Lee
Vacuum all rugs Duffy, Bernstein
Wash all floors J Dondero
Wash windows and remove screens and store them in the attic Kelly, Bernstein, Duffy
Liquid Gold - panelling in mud room, vestibule, kitchen, back hall, living room, upstairs hall, fireplace area  
Dust panelling - living / dining areas, hallways & bedrooms  
Clean drainage ditches around the house (remove leaves) Durkin
General clean-up of kitchen, bath and living areas J Dondero
Turn off outside water faucet supply in basement/drain hoses Duffy
Empty & move dehumidifier to closet (box in mudroom)  
Clean out shelves in back dining area  
Full inventory of staples & supplies - use full list from Trip Leader pouch  
Status as of 10/20/18
* Important:  If refrigerator is disconnected, doors must be left open to avoid mold !
Use All, Tide or other 'he' Cold Water Detergent !  - should be under kitchen sink
Set washers to 'Cold Water Wash' ! Do not use top-load washers !
Large front-load washers - 5 blankets each machine  
Set dryers to 'Medium' - use 5 quarters each dryer  
Dryers - 4 blankets each machine  
Do not overload the washers and dryers; blankets will not be cleaned properly.
Please keep track of what you spend and tell Sandy which room you did.  It would be helpful if each family did a room.