Hello all -


Meeting minutes - are attached for this week's meeting and will be posted on the website, please take a moment to read them!


Lodge Capital Improvement - there have been many suggestions for projects to refurbish, refresh, and repair the lodge (which, as you know, is 50 years old!).  Some of them are needs, some are wants, some are quick and easy and some will take more deliberation.  We've compiled them into a document, attached, that we are sharing with the membership to get some feedback on what you consider most important, and to gather input on how and when to do some of these projects.  What would you like to see changed or improved in the club?  (is it on the list - if not, email Pam Ferraro with details of your idea).  We intend this to be a flexible working list of ideas that we can implement as time and funding allows, prioritizing according to urgency and membership input.  Please, let the board know your thoughts!


Welcome to Winter party - Sat. Dec. 2, 5 - 8 pm at St. Joseph of Arimathea church in Elmsford, NY.  A sign up genius was sent around, please go and sign up to let us know you are coming and what you can bring!  If you can't deal with the sign up genius, just email Pam to let her know :)


Think snow!!


Pam Ferraro

WPSC Corresponding Secretary