Hello all, happy summer!


Make a plan to get up to the lodge this summer - for a work weekend, hike or bike weekend, vacation or a little of all!


Bike It If You Can -  July 14-16   


On Saturday, we'll have three different rides. The most serious will do the 62-mile Two Gaps ride, heading up from the MRG parking over the Ap Gap, into MIddlebury and over the Middlebury Gap and back to MRG. 

There will be a 45-mile ride with some challenges - down to Warren, up and over to Waitsfield, up to MIddlesex where we will have lunch at the Red Hen. We'll circle back over Duxbury Hill. There are shorter routes as well , as some in the past have done the loop down to Warren and back over to Waitsfield. Yet others have just ridden north to MIddlesex for lunch at the Rd Hen. 


Saturday night we'll eat under the stars at the Basebox, where the cooks at Gen. Stark's Pub do a fine job. 

​Please make a reservation with Sandy Maguire (sandy.tsrm@verizon.net), and get in touch with organizer Dave Wilson (davidmckaywilson@aol.com) for more details.​



Hike It If You Can - ​July 21-23.


We plan to hike at Camel's Hump one day and Mt Mansfield on the second day. There are a couple of options at Mt Mansfield, including gondola assist. Of course from the lodge one can hike up to the Long Trail and go in either direction as well. Dinner Saturday night at the Basebox


Please let Sandy( sandy.tsrm@verizon.net) know if you will join us and I hope to see you in Vermont this summer.  Jean and Mark Duffy - organizers jeangduffy@gmail.com


Any weekend! 


If hiking  or biking is not your thing, it is a great time for kayaking, swimming, golfing, antique shopping... whatever!  Come enjoy the club this summer. Bring some friends. Make some new friends. The more the merrier.


Work Weekends


Remaining work weekends are July 29/30, Aug. 12/13, Sept. 9/10, Oct. 14/15.  Make your reservations with Sandy (sandy.tsrm@verizon.net) and also you must get in touch with Lodge Chairman Dave Stein (david.stein@dms-ent.com) to discuss what project you would like to work on.  It is possible to complete your work weekend responsibilities on other weeks/weekends also, as long as you clear it with  Dave first and get an assignment (and, of course, make a reservation).


Lodge work


We recently hired Terry Barbour to repair/replace the rotting wood around the door to the fire escape balcony on the Ramapo side. Dave has put some photos on Facebook, it was a big job and it needed to be done!  Thanks, Dave, for supervising this work. 


Year End


Finally, your fearless (tireless? ageless? clueless?) Board members are meeting next week and we'll send out notice afterward, but at quick glance of the financials that treasurer Jean Duffy prepared, we had a good year, ending in the black - yay!  


please, get up to the lodge this summer, volunteer to be trip leader for a work weekend, and talk up the club among your friends - we are always looking for great new members!


Hope to see you up there - last one in the water at the swimming hole is a rotten egg!!


Pam Ferraro

WPSC Corresponding Secretary